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trending tags” feature for users to directly discover popular or trending tags. However, you can still find trending tags on YouTube by using various methods and tools. Keep in mind that the availability of trending tags may vary based on your region and the specific content you’re interested in. Here’s how you can find trending tags on YouTube:

  1. YouTube Trends:
    • YouTube Trends is an official tool provided by YouTube that showcases trending videos, music, and topics by region. While it doesn’t display tags directly, it can give you an idea of what topics are currently popular.
  2. Explore the YouTube Search Bar:
    • When you start typing a search query in the YouTube search bar, YouTube often suggests popular search terms, which can serve as trending tags. These suggestions can provide insight into what people are currently searching for.
  3. Use Keyword Research Tools:
    • There are third-party keyword research tools and YouTube analytics tools that can help you find popular keywords and tags related to your niche. Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and TubeBuddy can help you discover relevant tags and keywords.
  4. Check Out Trending Videos:
    • Explore the “Trending” section on the YouTube homepage. While it doesn’t display tags, you can see the titles, descriptions, and video content that are currently popular, which can give you ideas for trending tags.
  5. Monitor Social Media and News Trends:
    • Sometimes, trending tags on YouTube are related to current events, viral challenges, or popular trends on social media platforms. Keeping an eye on social media trends and news can help you identify relevant tags.
  6. Follow Influencers and Creators in Your Niche:
    • Subscribing to and following popular creators in your niche can give you insight into the tags they use. While they may not reveal all their tags, you can get an idea of what’s trending by analyzing their video descriptions and content.
  7. YouTube Analytics:
    • If you have your own YouTube channel, you can use YouTube Analytics to track which keywords and tags are driving traffic to your videos. This can help you identify which tags are performing well.
  8. Google Trends:
    • Google Trends can provide insights into trending topics and search queries. While not specific to YouTube, it can help you identify overall trends that might be relevant.

Remember that using relevant tags in your videos can improve your video’s discoverability and search rankings, but it’s important to use tags that are genuinely related to your content. Misleading or irrelevant tags can harm your channel’s reputation and performance.